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MILHAN MAKINA started production in 1976, It always open to innovations by using techniques that enhance the products against the need of the consumer in textile yarn winding machines sector. Our main target is quality production and satisfaction consumer for the foundation of all stages from R & D to production and marketing to delivery. In line with this continuity, our company has been involved with the activities of products that are produced within corporate very valuable domestic and abroad companies. We are still proud to serve our valued consumer with accurate information, improved equipments and trained workers.
With the reliable and experienced staff, Memnun Machine has been constantly manufacturing machines since 1979 all around the world and proved itself in textile dyeing and finishing machines profession. Memnun Machine is continuously improving, innovating, always looking to produce better, more efficient, and staying fresh by working with young, dynamic, intelligent, well-educated personnel. Sustainable service is the motto of Memnun Machine, which means our business doesn’t end after selling the product, we give service to our customers as long as they need. Our goal is to make our customers and business associates happy. Memnun Machine has a good place in the sector with products sold to the countries in Europe Middle East, Turkic Republics, Asia and huge companies in Turkey.
ZENATEKS makes production for various markets from Russia to Europe and Asia. The world's most recognized fabric importers, wholesalers and manufacturers are among the company's customers. With its talented design, production and marketing teams, ZENATEKS aims to offer high quality service and cooperation to its customers with its collections focused on different markets and reflecting the trend and need together.
BMK Spinneret was founded in 2003 as a Turkish-based engineering company specializing in the chemical fibre industry. Our product range comprises all kinds of spinnerets for melt spinning of multifilaments and staple fibres, spin packs, complete spin packs and spinnerets for bi-component spinning, spin dies for melt blown, spun bond and spun laced non-wovens.